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Please find below an extract from Lexie Griffiths’ list of references.

  • MeridianSpa, Germany
  • Yacht Hafen “Hohe Düne“, Germany
  • “Build-a-Bear” International, Denmark
  • Xtravaganza, Sweden
  • Fitness DK, Denmark
  • Ladyline, Sweden
  • Ladyline, Finland
  • Ladyline Clubs, Finland
  • Sports Hotel “Wagrain”, Austria
  • Lykia World, Turkey
  • Aspria, Germany
  • Bodylife, Baden-Baden
    (only female speaker of the management congress)
  • IHRSA, India
    (management seminars in Delhi and Mumbai)
  • Holmes Place Clubs, all over Europe
  • Management – leadership / customer and programming seminars
    in Italy, Denmark and Sweden
  • Management and programming seminars and opening network leader
    in San Diego, U.S.A., Portugal and Ireland
  • Opening Network Speaker in Spain
  • 3day Credo roll-out management and teams
  • “Inspiring the Instructors” Tour,
    Germany (5 days), Austria and Switzerland (5 days)