Lexie Griffiths

Lexie Griffiths has the proven experience to help make your business more profitable! She and her team provide leadership, specific coaching, workshops and events to help you make your brand into a culture!
We put the sizzle into your business and life!

"156 cms of energy, know-how and power!" – this is how lexies clients describe her. Her goal: to make YOU successful!

If you want to get the sizzle back into your life and experience lexies unique skills matched with entertainment – look no further. Lexie has presented, coached and trained top managers , teams and individuals in over 35 countries – she is still wowing audiences all over the world with her professionalism, cutting edge humour and easy to follow, effective strategies.

In today’s changing economic climate she shows you how to stay ahead of the game, avoid burn-out, regain your zest for work and life and have more fun.

Here you will find seminars and programmes to inspire and motivate you
to reach the next level – and be world class. The perfect match for your company, club, team or you!

Just pick your matching programme and get THE SIZZLE into your life!

“Lexie, apart from your professional and indisputable skills, you are an inspiration and a non-exhaustible life fuel. We feel you are a part of AGAP family and we hope you will be back amongst us for sharing, living and amazing us all again. We all miss you but at least we now live in a much more colourful and passionate way of life. AGAP and Portugal loves you!
All the best!

Armando Moreira, September 2011


  • Sport & Activity are great for children plus first and formost necessary! The kidz-programme is fun & teaches your kid how to keep body and mind in shape!


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