Inspiring kids to be active-and stay active! 
A guide for parents and adults.

Tips and strategies to make exercise a fun part of a kids(and your) life. Current research from the U.S.A. states – 93% of kids need more activity – Lexie shows you how to inspire your kids by building on their strengths and encouraging them to enjoy exercise. 

She teaches you the guidelines to strength and endurance training-how to make sure they have a good ‘bone bank’ and how to encourage even the most reluctant kid to get off the couch and move!

About Lexie

Lexie is the mother of two kids – one of whom is now a sports presenter and the other a personal trainer. She shares with you the ups and downs of having two kids with different needs and how she used postivive parenting to help them achieve their goals.

She is a leading authority and expert in kids exercise programming and has motivated thousands of kids worldwide to have fun in being active. She is a former P.E. teacher and international presenter and educator. She developed the Reebok Kids programme and worked alongside leading children’s physiologists. She has written books and compiles CDs to accompany her programmes.

Her company and team “Entertainment with know how” puts the sizzle into exercise with her credo – “Fitness with a smile”.

For the Record

As a former sports teacher who used music, exercise and dance at every opportunity to motivate her classes, lexie realized the power of making exercise fun to appeal to kids of all ages. She saw first-hand how kids responded to exercise combined with music and to programmes that met their needs!

She crossed over to the Fitness Industry, packing out classes at her Club in Germany, being the first presenter to present a kids programme onstage at Bodylife.

It was such a success that the word spread and after watching her perform in a crazy outfit of shorts, braces and Doc Martins. Reebok signed her up to be the spokesperson and developer of Reebok Kids International.

The next years were spent travelling the world, implementing the programme in schools, clubs, kindergartens! To this day she has taught over half a million kids – kids who are now adults and still never forget how she changed their lives.

The programmes she makes are not only fun and exciting but she is the only presenter in the world to have her concept backed up by research – working alongside top international paediatric phsiologogists.

In 2004 she was asked by Reinhord Horn the famous kids musician and author to co-write Step'n'beat – a bestseller..which also linked the benefits of music and exercise to academic performance. She taught 200 schoolteachers and 4.000 kids in three days and rolled out a successful Active Breaks programme in the schools, which was televised and approved by the medical profession.

She also taught kids animation teams in Robinson and Aldiana and developed funnfitness weekends with Berlltz Schools.

Just last year she implemented her programmes in Kings School Summer Camps – with 85 kids from 10 different countries – aged 10-15 years.

To date she has taught over 500 workshops and seminars throughout the world and she is still in demand as she continues to roll-out cutting-edge programmes … the latest being Funkiyoga® and Discomadness – see below!

If you are looking for a World–class expert with over 35 years experience who knows exactly how to inspire and motivate kids of all ages … contact Lexie now!


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In a nutshell

  • First presenter out of the U.S.A. to be a spokesperson for a Reebok Fitness Programme
  • First Fitness Club in Europe to offer cutting-edge kids programmes and themed birthday parties!
  • First presenter to produce a kids line of Cds to accompany classes
  • First to develop – Step for Kidz
  • First to create a yoga programme mixed with funky, easy moves – see Funkiyoga
  • First to create Discomadness
  • First to implement active breaks in schools in Germany

The Programmes

Are you ready for this?

Discomadness sets the room alight … the kids will be jumping, sweating and dancing to europop and current hits-specially mixed and choreographed to get even the non-dancer moving!
Featuring cardio and strength moves it not only improves their heart and lungs – but muscles too!
It’s easy, effective and fun!
Plus games and surprises that turn every session into a party!
The kids will love it and so will you!

Age ranges:  8-10 yrs  ·  11-15yrs

Coming soon!


  • Discomadness Choreography
  • Discomadness Games
  • Discomadness Party concept

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Tried and tested with kids from 6-16 years all over the love this concept of mixing yoga moves with cool music and funky cardio moves-

The results:

Calmer, more concentrated, empowered kids and teenagers!
But as with all lexies concepts there is so much more …

Coming soon!

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