Lexie Griffiths

Crazy! Passionate! Authentic! Motivational!

Just –

”Indescribable”, that is the word, many people use, when they talk about Lexie Griffiths and her personality. Difficult to put in words … she has to be experienced live!

Back to the Roots!

Born in Poole, England she first professionally appeared on the stage at eight years old – with her father accompanying her on piano. She felt the buzz that entertaining people and making them smile brings … THE SIZZLE was born!

Much to her parents horror she went on to turn her prized shed and their garden into a hub of activity – staging events, shows, and creating numerous other entrepreneurial opportunities. She started her first “real“ job at 12 years old and realized she loved serving people, connecting with them and making them happy! So began an exciting, challenging journey of taking risks and learning new skills whilst continuously maintaining her authenticity and putting her own stamp on things. She constantly challenged the norm.

Today she is a legend in the Fitness Industry and a renowned coach, trainer, presenter, programme developer and keynote speaker. With her passion for delivering world class service she has brought together a highly skilled team and together with them organizes and stages events throughout Europe. She walks the talk.”

With her unique mix of entertainment and know-how, she has inspired thousands of managers and individuals to focus, set the right priorities and turbo-charge them to succeed.

Her vision is to inspire excellence whilst enjoying what you do. Lexies methods have motivated thousands of people to excel themselves and to reach the next level in both their work and their private life. Just last year she has consulted globally for major companies in and outside the Industry giving her a wealth of experience and knowledge about what really works and matters in owning and running a world-class company. She loves it!

Just for the record 

Lexie was a school teacher soon being promoted to being head of department and co-ordinating dance and physical education in the schools. Her assemblies were legendary..with the hall being packed full of parents and relatives to watch their kids performing to the max! Lexie likes going the extra mile!

Lots of firsts!

First – to bring accredited instructor education to Germany – enabling thousands of british and germans to gain their certification in exercise to music

First – to teach the elite P.T. Corps and manage a fitness club for the British Army.

First – to create the “Crazeexmas,” Teamwork Days and “’Funnmore’ Holiday events” –the longest running fitness events in Europe and still packing them in. Why---they are different!

First – to put animation and fun into fitness, changing the face of the Fitness Industry with her performance of Time Warp!

Teamwork was born – the first education company to teach animation and personal development as well as the basics, Today they are running successful, cutting edge programmes for Ladyline,Finlands leading club chain. Thanks Esben and Jalle!

First – to be appointed spokesperson and developer of the Reebok Kids Programme … is the only person to have her programmes monitored by top paediatric physiologists working alongside her – inspiring thousands of teachers to teach their own kids programmes. All over the world kids have benefitted – and her new programme Discomadness is about to be launched in Europe , China, U.S.A. and the Middle East – not to mention Funkiyoga – making yoga cool for kids! Read more – kids.

First – to compile a series of Kids Fitness Cds and work with Reinhard Horn to produce a StepnBeat book..4000 kids on TV -200 teachers learning lexies active breaks to put into schools.

First  to launch NLP based leadership, teambuilding and customer-service days in Europe using FISH! as her tool and going on to develop her SIZZLE! Ran this out in over 30 countries for leading companies in and out of the fitness Industry.

First Brit to present the key-note speech twice in the U.S.A. for Zumba … entertaining and inspiring over 5.000 people. Facilitated the Zumba programme into Germany.

First – to develop Icebreaking and Networking openers for I.H.R.S.A. and going on to present seminars for them in Kuwait, U.S.A. Scandinavia, India, Portugal, Spain, Ireland.

First lady to address the Turkish Hotel Industry Forum.

And there is so much more …

She is ready to share her know-how and sizzle with you – are YOU ready to be a FIRST?